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Board Members

Vernon ISD Board Members


Vernon ISD School Board Members


Emory Byers, Board President

Emory is a self-employed farmer and rancher

Tenure on board:  2012-present

Term Expires: 2020


Chris Lehman, Vice President

Chris is an attorney

Tenure on Board: 2017-present

Term Expires: 2020


Tom Scott, Secretary

Tom is a retired teach/coach from Vernon ISD

Tenure on Board: 2016-present

Term Expires: 2019


Kevin Young, Member

Kevin is the owner operator of Vernon Fire & Safety

Tenure on the Board: 2003-present

Term Expires: 2019


Mike Boyd, Member

Mike is employed by AEP

Tenure on Board: 2012-present

Term Expires: 2018


J.J. Oznick, Member

JJ is employed as the Vernon Fire Department Police Chief

Tenure on Board: 2018-Present

Term Expires: 2020


Michael Ruhl, Member

Michael is a professor at Vernon College

Tenure on Board: 2017-present

Term Expires: 2020