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Academic Vocabulary Plan

Academic vocabulary has become a major focal point in determining student success. All the campuses of Vernon ISD have worked collaboratively to determine the necessary academic vocabulary for students in every grade and content area. Our work to be a District wide High Reliability School supports the implementation of academic vocabulary. As a result, the academic vocabulary lists were created to address the following areas:

  1. Guaranteed Academic Vocabulary--Approximately 30 words that students will know and be able to use effectively and appropriately in every content and grade level.   Additionally, the definitions are given for each word as defined by the Texas Education Agency for use on the state tests.

  2. Supporting Academic Vocabulary--List of vocabulary words students have heard at an earlier grade level and are additional terms used in the content area.

  3. Rigor and Cognitive Terms--List of higher order thinking skills that are implemented at each grade level and content area.

  4. Special Populations--List of basic words needed for academic success for students with disabilities and with language acquisition gaps. As students gain an understanding of this list, they will be expected to learn the Guaranteed Academic Vocabulary.

Parents, community members and students have access to the academic vocabulary needed to create a high performing student population with a firm comprehension and application of vocabulary. Our goal is for consistency of learning, for application of the larger academic ideas, and for the development of innovative, creative thinking needed for real world success in our global market.