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1.    Go to your app store and download the Overdrive app. (It’s FREE)

2. Create a profile by logging in with Facebook or using an email address. (Do not forget what you use! I will not be able to help you remember it.)

3. Open the sidebar to add a library and search VERNON ISD for the Vernon High School Library. ( It should be the only result that pops up)

4. Log in to the library server:


Username:  “Your student ID” (Lunch Number)

Password:  visd ( all lower case)


Username: first initial and last name

Password: visd ( all lower case)

5. Add any book that is available in the app and enjoy! (each book is automatically returned after two weeks.)

6. If you are unable to log in, come see Mrs. Tidmore. Or teachers please email me.

Happy Reading!


To make an account online click the link: